Sunday, October 30, 2016

Transforming Negative Core Beliefs

In order to achieve spiritual transformation, you must die to your limited vision of life that centers solely on your personal concerns. Why? So that you can be reborn to a cosmic perspective of life.

 This shifts your center of consciousness from the roots and trunk to the branches of your Tree of Life. This shift and symbolic death awaken you to the bigger picture of life, giving you the ability to see how your actions profoundly affect your future and the future of humanity!
As you transform, you gain deeper understanding of the human condition and deep wisdom. You gain the ability to shift your perceptions at will so that your old habits and patterns no longer hinder you.
You may hold some negative core beliefs about yourself, others, and life that need to be transformed so that you can live consciously from the branches of your Tree. As you confront these beliefs that keep you enslaved and spiritually untransformed, you uncover the core Self that has been clinging to the beliefs as a defense and protection.
Here are a few negative beliefs that can be transformed:
  • I am alone
  • I don’t deserve to be loved
  • Others have more than me
  • Life is unfair
  • I can’t trust anyone
  • I must do everything myself
  • Others don’t support me
  • Life doesn’t provide what I need to be loved
The purpose of dismantling your negative core beliefs is to replace them with positive life-giving beliefs. These new beliefs can liberate you from negative inner voices, negative thoughts and negative behaviors that keep you feeling small and miserable.
Through the initiation process you can replace the old beliefs with new ones such as:
  • I am not alone
  • I deserve to be loved
  • I can trust life to assist me
  • I can ask for help
  • I am supported by others and by the universe
  • There is room for me
Imagine your inner life built upon the foundation of these inner voices and experiences! This is an inner container that you can solidly rely on, one that is strong enough to support your true, radiant Self and to support the destiny that you were born to fulfill.
We invite you to transform your negative core beliefs, step across the threshold into the transpersonal spiritual realm. The rewards are astronomical!

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